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pop goes the tina

here i am, typing on my lj once again.
its been a while since i posted the stuff about losing sammi and all. my family is slowly coping with our loss, my mom is thinkin about getting another maltese (sorta to fill the gap in our hearts) she also wants to get a shih-tsu. we are having a hard time finding a maltese and shih-tsu where we live, because we are trying to stay away from the b&i since thats where we got toby and sammi and both of them got sick before they turned four (its just that toby recovered from what he has, even though he hasta take meds all of his life... but sammi didnt recover from what he had) so we assume that b&i has somethin wrong with their animals there or something.

i still cant draw and im slowly stressing out over that fact.

want to hear some good news?
well, i have a job... im now a t.a. for my old comp teacher, i grade projects and papers everyday for $8.31 an hour, 12 hours a week. its going pretty good so far. and i finally have a cell phone. and pretty soon i will finally have a car. and i have been working on my website and making friends websites too. so all of this keeps me busy which is a very good thing at this point in my life. just hopefully ill be able to draw again so i wont feel as empty inside as i feel now...

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dont mind me... im just wasting time.. been having a really bad week... and its almost a whole week since sammi was put to sleep... it still hurts so much and i just cant manage right now.

life completely sucks

I know that last time I updated on Sammy’s condition, it seemed that he was getting better. But it is quite sad to say that he got worse. (His blood cell count is down to an 8 and its still dropping) and it’s too late to do a blood transfusion and besides, we probably wouldn’t get to do it even if it wasn’t too late because we don’t have the money for it. And the vet told my mom that it would’ve been a 30% chance it would’ve worked if we did do the blood transfusion anyways. I really hate the vets at that hospital, from the beginning, they were rude and you could tell they didn’t feel anything for Sammy. They suckered my mom into using up all of her money of medicines that only slowed his chance of dying and for what? To sit and watch him struggle just to breathe or walk
My mom’s birthday was on Sunday and all she got was the bad news about Sammy, and last night, she didn’t sleep at all.
If you are asking where was I when my family found out about Sammy’s prior condition, I WAS AT SOME STUPID RETREAT WITH ANNOYING BRATS THAT NEVER LISTEN TO ANYONE~!!! *sighs* But if you think about it, its better that I wasn’t at home when they found out the bad news because I know if I was there, I would’ve killed someone. And to top it all off, we will have to put him to sleep tomorrow or Thursday because he only has a week left to live and no one wants him to die in pain. But why does it have to be Sammy? Why does this kind of thing happen to my family? Why does he have to die so early in his life? He just about turned 4 and that is not a long enough life for anyone.
And if some people haven’t seen my last two posts and are wondering who Sammy is, He is my family’s baby. He is my Maltese puppy and my mom’s pride and joy. It will not be the same without him.


lol just wanted to say that i wont be on aim or gaia or at home from sunday (aug. 29) till tuesday (aug. 31) because ill be surrounded by lil highschoolers.... yeah, in other words, im going to a highschool retreat with my church, im one of the teachers so i havta help. fun.....x.x

anyways, been working on my site and im sad i didnt get to work on it today (because of packing and going out with parents) so ill just havta wait until tuesday or wednesday (since ill probably be too tired to do anything when i come home on tuesday.... thats usually the case.. sadly x.x)

so anyways, *glomps nee-chan and jaki and casey* see you all when i get back (hopefully)

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Oh, and if anyone is interested, the same guys seem to be offering free flatscreen tvs/monitors at http://www.freeflatscreens.com
(copied the info from thelivingrobot because im too sick to type it all myself x.x)

There is hope after all!
First off, I would like to state that Sammy is alive and he didn’t die. I’m sorry I didn’t say that in my entry from last night. I guess I was so frustrated with the face that he is extremely ill.
My mom woke me up at 9am with the phone in her hand. She handed me the phone and a card with the ER’s number on it. And since I just woke up, I couldn’t see the number clearly, but I finally managed to call them and then I found out the doctor was busy with another patient so I had to give the person my number so that the doctor can call us back. Well after 40 minutes of waiting, she finally called. She told me that Sammy was doing fine and we needed to pick him up and transfer to our regular vet. So my mom and I went off to get him. At the ER, there was such an adorable little Chihuahua there and I just wanted to pick it up and squeeze it. And when I finally got to see Sammy this morning, I was about to cry again because I was so happy to see him. He seems a lot more lively and he doesn’t have a fever anymore and he isn’t anemic anymore either. But we had to take him to the other hospital to do some more tests and to see how much longer he needs to stay over there. I know he’ll pull through this. I just have to keep on believing that god won’t take the family baby away.
I swear; everything would go down hill without Sammy. He’s the only thing to make my mom happy, even my dad loves holding him and playing with him. Like one time, we all were outside and Sammy tripped over something and my mom freaked, she thought he got her or something. I really don’t know what I would do if I lost Sammy or Toby, especially Toby. And what really pisses me off is what my mom said before the doctor called back, she was like “Don’t worry; I’ll just get another dog if Sammy dies.” Like COME ON~! I know she forced herself to think that, it would hurt her the most if we were to find out he didn’t pull through and die. No one can take Sammy’s place, he follows my mom everywhere, he barks like a little annoying baby, he prances around the house and opens everyone’s doors with his nose just to see who is home and who wants to play, he sits there for hours just licking on someone’s hands. He’s such a unique little dog and irreplaceable. He confuses everyone too, like yesterday and today for instance, everyone that saw him thought he was a girl, saying “she is so pretty!” “She will be ok!” or “I’ll take her now.” *falls over laughing* sometimes I just want to hold him up and show off that he has a wiener.
Well other than that, I also can’t draw worth crap (yeah like that’s a big surprise, I’ve never drawn anything good enough for me to like) anyways, I have like 6 commissions from Gaia that I should do but I just don’t feel like it anymore. I guess it was because of the stress from my class and Sammy, and I kind of lost interest in Gaia. I don’t know if I will ever draw them either. *sighs* what am I to do. I guess ill do them all but take my time on them, don’t want to force myself or anything.


Why does life have to be so damn unfair? My 3½ year old Maltese, Sammy, is sick and all I can do is cry and think how much life is so unfair. It all started when Sammy had diarrhea a few days ago and it wasn’t the normal whoops stomach hurts, poop flow out fast, but it was so bad. My mom had to give him a full out bath because it was so messy. Then a few days later my mom took Toby (my baby/other dog) to his monthly appointment and she took Sammy with her. Then she told them about Sammy’s little mishap and they did a little check up and tests on him and they told us that they would call us back the next morning (today) to tell us the results of the tests. Well, after spending almost all day watching over Sammy and the darn phone, they finally call at 5pm with really bad news. They told me his red blood cells dropped and so did his platelets but they don’t know why. So they told us to go to the animal emergency hospital and keep him there overnight to do tests and such. They didn’t know exactly how to get to the E.R so they gave us a REALLY crappy map to follow and we went off and we got lost. My mom did like 4 u-turns before she FINALLY called my sister to ask for help. Then after much yelling and headache pain, we finally got there. My mom and I saw my sister at the E.R and we went in all together. When we were talking to the doctor at the E.R. my sister and mom were crying but I couldn’t cry, but I also couldn’t breathe. I kept on suffering trying to breathe in but it wouldn’t work. So after she was done telling us all about Sammy’s condition and price, I walked outside and sat on the sidewalk. I am so completely pissed off. What’s the point of living if life will be taken away from you so early and especially when you think everyone couldn’t go wrong, then BAM something bad happens. Everywhere I go I hear about people getting killed for no reason or people getting diagnosed with something life threatening and all you can do is try to hope and pray everything will workout ok. Why does it have to be Sammy, he isn’t even that old. He seemed perfectly fine before this. Oh my god, when I got to see Sammy before we left the hospital, I was crying so much. I couldn’t believe this was really happening, for some reason, I felt like this was all a big nightmare and I would wake up to see a healthy Sammy looking at me with his tail wagging. But when I walked out to the car and hopped in, it hit me that all this was really happening and he isn’t coming home with us. Five years ago we found out Toby had something wrong with him but he pulled through, but now something far worse than what happened to Toby is happening to Sammy. And to make things worse, my sister was fired from her job that she’s been working at for so freaking long, just because she was sick on Saturday and so she didn’t work to the full extent but hey at least she DID GO TO WORK THAT DAY. Like come on, if I was sick I would’ve gotten someone to take my place while I head home. And she was one of his best workers. But what really pisses me off is that she actually called her (after being a total ass to her) and asked her to come back to work tonight, but my sister told him off and said no. So yeah, my mom is in major money problems and now my sister doesn’t have a job. And I’m still having bad luck with finding a job. I still don’t know if I passed my oceanography class or not and if I didn’t then I’ll be dropped for three quarters and so I am freaking out of my mind all the time until I finally find out my grade. So yeah, life sucks, plain and simple. The end

but atleast sammi is still alive. so all i can do is pray he'll get better and i will have him back in my arms.

'le sigh

Finished oceanography on Tuesday, and Thursday was the last day to contact my teacher to see my grade for the class... so now I'm flipping out just hoping I actually passed... because I’m stupid and if I failed, I would be dropped for freaking THREE STINKIN QUARTERS... Gah why do I do this to myself.... *rolls* all i can say is life sucks.

I'm still trying to break out of my artist block while working on my comic. I’m on page 5 now, and it’s better in my head than on paper... grrrr

Its 2am right now... I’m sitting in my hot room and listening to Indiana Jones playing behind me... fun...

I got tired of coloring page 5. And so I’m doing absolutely nothing. I think ill just go to bed, and pray that my mom doesn’t nag at me tomorrow (since she isn’t working tomorrow and so shell be home all day x.x ...help me)


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wee i love gill... ok im just bored and taking a break from cging a manga page.... lalala *dies*

bandi, where art thou

grrrr my icon isnt showin anywhere *rolls* *confused* bleh.....

so yea... today has been weird, i found a song i wrote after lookin for it for like months... and omg the weirdest thing happened, i picked up a old game magazine to look through it and inside it was tari, a pic of him i drew a while ago and thought i lost.... omg im so happy. i loved that pic so much and i was dyin to send it to bandi... then i came online, hoping that bandi was on, and she isnt so here i am waiting and hoping... anyways, i found it and i cant wait to send it. x.x i hope the pocky didnt melt in my closet while waiting to send to bandi... i think i should just buy a new pack before sending the package haha.

*glompsbandi* i guess tari didnt run off with clint after all haha. how lets see if ill find clint or not lol