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I've noticed that there's countless of times I've left lj and come back... just to leave it again. I noticed it is because I never saw a need for it, since I don't like ranting in journals so often and I always feel like no one cares what’s going on with me. I've now decided to make my lj have a purpose, which is to hold my con pictures that I take with my cell, videos I’ve recorded while at the con, and some rants about what has happened during the con. I hope you all will like my photos I took. Please ask if you want to use them in anyway. Please do not edit them and say they are yours.

So yesterday (Friday. March 28) I went to my first day of Sakura con and after a lot of miscommunication and running back and forth, I found out I did have to pay the whole amount even though I'm just gonna be a volunteer, and since I'm broke... I was about to give up and go home, but I ended up calling my sister and told her what happened to me and she told me to give her my account number and she wired me enough for my pass and for food! I LOVE MY SISTERRRRRRR! Then after FINALLY registering, I went to eat then I was assigned to the karaoke room and it was such a blast! I met a LOT of people and got to sing along with them while I do the introduction for them on the mic. There was even one time a person wasn't singing loud enough and kinda mumbled the whole way. So, I started singing along... without knowing how loud I was lol. Turns out people in the audience could hear me singing and they were watching me instead of the person on stage! Whoops! lol. The staff in the karaoke room kept telling me I should go on the stage and sing too and I kept saying no lol. If anyone is going to go to Sakura con tomorrow, check out the karaoke room from 3pm til late, I should be in there at the table! Don’t forget to say hi! *loves meeting new people*

I’m probably gonna be on the Sakura staff next year, the leader of the karaoke room asked the manager if she could have me on her full time staff and that she loved working with me, and so did the others from the staff! When I heard that from one of the managers, I was so happy!

I was bored when i was going up on the escalators so I turned on the camcorder on my cell lol
vid01 // vid02

A cute lil girl dressed up as Sailor Chibi moon was trying to sing the sailormoon theme and kept getting stuck so i sang with her. she's sooooo cuteeeee!

I saw two interesting things as I was leaving the con! People dancing, which reminded me of Best dance crew lol. Then I almost got ran over by a mob of bikers when I was about to cross the street lmao!
vid04 // vid05

WELL THAT ENDS MY FIRST DAY AT SAKURA CON! Hope you liked!! K time for me to go and sleep so I can start off my second day at the con~

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Mar. 29th, 2008 03:42 pm (UTC)
Now you're making me miss AX. We're all protesting it (ie: not going) because they moved the location to LA. Genius people, genius.

Was there Man-Faye?! Or is Sakuracon not cool enough?
Mar. 30th, 2008 06:48 am (UTC)
lol i didnt see manfaye but I did see a manchi, manwinry, and a manmaid lmao
Mar. 29th, 2008 11:13 pm (UTC)
Oh man so many awesome cosplayers! o.o Clef especially looks awesome, and that incredible group of spirits - and Kusuriuri-san! ♥ IT LOOKS LIKE FUN. Although the having-to-pay bit is pretty lame. D:
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