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Weeee I'm free

Haha I'm free from the evil that is pms! (yes I am a very blunt person lol)
I still hate my hair, but atleast I didn't pull it all out like I said I would. And I finally got back into the artsy mood. It sucks when my art insperation runs dry when my mood is down. I wish I was the type of artist that draws best when stressing or being down, because then I'd draw NON STOP! *sighs*
My thumb drive broke right when my old comp was finally plugged in and ready to use, so I now can't scan on my old comp and save the files onto my thumb drive to put it on my new comp. So I will have to wait until I get a new scanner or a new thumb drive, or replace the one I have now. I emailed the seller of the defective thumb drive and he said I will have to send the thumb drive back to him with a copy of his email and then they are going to inspect it and if they see that it is broken, they will send me a replacement, and if they see that it isn't broken, they will send it back to me on my expense. how rude is that?! Well they better see that it is broken BECAUSE IT IS! I still owe Sarah a emo pic of her, and Usagi a pic of him... gah I really need to get my butt in gear.
Anyways first class of the day I work in is over, time to head back to the office. I'll rant somemore later. PEACE~!

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